Vision Statement

 Serving God     Loving People    

Changing Lives

Core Values

COMPASSIONATE CONNECTION We Believe in touching others in the worlds we all touch.   MENTORING DISCIPLESHIP We Believe in pouring into people biblical truths.   DYNAMIC PRAYER We Believe the power of prayer through daily conversation  with God provides supernatural authority and empowerment.   EMPOWERING WORSHIP We Believe worship is a lifestyle in Christ that empowers us individually and corporately.   CHRIST CENTERED LORDSHIP We Believe Christ is the center of our lives and everything he has given us.




Biblical Function Statements

FELLOWSHIP Linking People to Christ and to one another   EVANGELISM Reaching out to everyone through Christ   DISCIPLESHIP Teaching and equipping people with Biblical Truths and Christlike life principles   GIFT ORIENTED MINISTRY Responsive to God’s love for service with our entire Heart, Mind, Soul and Strength   WORSHIP A daily lifestyle that edifies Christ through obedience and gratitude          










mission statement















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