Young Adult & Couples

Once a month we take time out of our busy schedule to minister through fellowship to anyone over 18 but under 50 years of age. We invite you to join us each month to grow stronger through God’s word and build deeper friendships through our fellowship. Check out the events page for the date and time.

Cruisin’ Crusaders

For the bike rider at heart!  We love getting on our motorcycle or in the convertible and taking a Saturday drive together. From the Talihina mountains to the Arbuckle mountains we enjoy the outdoors. You are invited to come join and enjoy the fun with us.  Check out the events page for the date and time.   The Cruisin’ Crusaders recently took a trip  to Muskogee, OK and had a beautiful day riding through the country side.  Scrumptious food was enjoyed by all at the famous Okie Steakhouse.